Leadership: When the Great Ones Pass On: The Challenge to be Faithful


Leadership: When the Great Ones Pass On: Carrying on the Legacy

God Is In: Celebrating Presence

God is Always With You

Gideon’s story is our story…though we don’t always act as though we know it is true, God is always with us.  God puts up with our numerous attempts and failures to get around the lifestyle God desires us to live, but if we hang in there with God, God will always be with us.

God is For You

God is constantly at work in us, through us, and for us…just waiting for us to be ready to acknowledge God’s power in our lives, a power needed to witness to the world what it means to truly follow God’s calling in our lives.  Following that call, as Rahab did, means life for many who would otherwise not know life.

God Made You

Each of us is made in the image of God, created to do wonderful things.  On Pentecost Sunday we are reminded that God needs each one of us to claim the gift of the Holy Spirit in order to tell the world around us about the good news of God’s love.

Authority for the 21st Century

In the framework of Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, we will look at the authority of the Bible for us today, and how that authority helps us to know God in a real and profound way.