Borderlands Produce Rescue is an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (QCO20938) 501(c3) organization with a mission to rescue produce, and in turn, to improve the quality of peoples lives by addressing their most basic needs—accessibility to nutritious fresh produce and living in a healthy environment. They rescue 32 MILLION pounds of fresh produce annually, providing over 76,000 fresh nutritious produce boxes to families across Arizona.

They are not always able to distribute all of the produce rescued. Instead of sending this excess produce to a landfill, Borderlands partners with local ranchers and composting programs to recycle any unusable produce. During the 2020/21 produce season 13% of rescued produce was no longer usable, however 90% of this was sent directly to recycling partners, and not the landfill.

Borderlands’ vision is to keep as much produce out of the landfills as humanly possible, helping our environment and distributing this produce to those in need, helping our community.


POWWOW stands for Produce On Wheels WithOut Waste. POWWOW is a weekly neighborhood market, where Borderlands Produce Rescue partners with community locations, like Desert Skies, to distribute rescued produce to any community members wishing to participate—no qualification required.


  1. Find a local POWWOW

That’s easy! It will be right here at DSUMC!

2022 Schedule:  Saturday, 11/26 and Saturday 12/10 8-11am

2023 Schedule:  4th Saturdays, January through May

  1. Contribute $15 for 70 POUNDS of fresh rescued produce

There are several ways to do this:

  • Pay in CASH (only) onsite as you drive through Desert Skies, and we will load your produce directly into your trunk.
  • Order & Pay on line (paypal, credit/debit) through Borderlands Produce Rescue’s DUTA (Drive Up and Take Away) Program, and we will load a prepackaged box of produce into your trunk as you drive through Desert Skies. Pre-orders begin the Monday before that Saturday’s distribution.
  1. Enjoy!

70 Pounds of Produce too much?

  • Share—with family, friends & neighbors
  • Save—freeze, sauce, preserve all that fresh produce to enjoy later!



If you volunteer for 3 hours, you will receive a free PRODUCE box!

Mark you calendars!

Shifts will be available from:

6-9am                Set-up & produce packaging/distribution

7-10am              Produce packaging/distribution

9-noon Produce packaging/distribution & clean-up

Email Carrie Radomsky at [email protected] with your name, cell number,

email address, and preferred shift to be added to the list of volunteers.

  • SHOP!

Support Desert Skies’ and Borderlands Produce Rescue’s programs & mission


Can’t shop? Can’t eat/share that much produce?

Donations gratefully accepted to support our missions that aid the community,

prevent waste and help the environment.


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