Finding Peace – June 26, 2022

Scripture:   Philippians 4:8 

“Raya and the Last Dragon” is filled with metaphors and images that remind us of the universal human condition of imperfection.  In our diversity and with all of our gifts, God’s vision and plan, the Kingdom, is that we would all live in harmony.  But in the present, people have different values and expectations.  In our relationships we betray and are betrayed.  When tragedy strikes, hearts can respond by hardening and minds by shutting down.  This movie will give us a chance to examine our inner dragons, both good and bad, and our reliance on the goodness and grace of God, in Christ, for redemption every day.

The Spirit of Truth at Work – June 19, 2022

 Scripture: John 15: 26- 16:4 , 12-15

 In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells his followers that the Spirit of Truth will come and guide them in all truth.  The Spirit of Truth, leading them will point to Christ.  On this Peace with Justice Sunday, we visit the life and faith of Harriet Tubman, a young, married enslaved worker in Maryland.  We begin with  her escape to Philadelphia, and witness her faith providing the courage to become the “Moses” of the Underground Railroad.  Harriet’s heroic life has much to say to us about the truths of injustice, racism, violence, and oppression.  How is the Spirit of Truth directing us to meet these issues today with faith and courage?

Enough – June 12, 2022

Scripture: Colossians 3:12-17

Synopsis:  Families of all kinds are a gift of God.  But no family is perfect.  Every family has its challenges, as every member is unique and brings different gifts to the table. Throw in generational differences in the ways we understand the role of electronics in the mix, and you have “The Mitchells vs the Machines.”  This is a movie that explores family dynamics and communications across roles and generations through the interplay of devices and events that are familiar and unfamiliar to us.  The changing relationship between a father and his daughter is especially poignant and insightful.   The letter to the church in Colossae offers us sound wisdom as we navigate our relationships with those to whom we are closest in the various “family” configurations and with the affluence we enjoy.  How does this movie enrich our understanding of this scriptural text and help us to be more technologically mindful, communicative with each other and accepting of our differences?   

As the Spirit Gave Them Ability – June 5, 2022

Scripture: Acts 2: 1-11

Synopsis: On the celebration of the birthday of the church, we remember and reenact the story of a people who heard the gospel for the very first time in their own language. What new languages do we need to learn today and how are we turning to the spirit for answers?

Disturbing the City – May 29, 2022

Scripture:  Acts 16:16-34

Our text for this week says there are wrongs that need righted. But maybe it isn’t quite that clear. It says there are systems, there are presumptions and prejudices, there are oppressive patterns and economic cycles that are impossible to break out of without help. How will we disturb the city today?

But wait, some are thinking, we can’t get political. It would tear us apart. A different approach is needed. We are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. What would that transformation look like? What would be different in the kin-dom of God? Today is a day for casting a vision of what it means to be working toward, leaning toward, co-creating with God the kin-dom we long for.

Opened the Heart – 22 May 2022

6th Sunday of Easter (Graduation Sunday)

Scripture:  Acts 16:9-15

God doesn’t tap us on the shoulder and then leave us alone to figure it out from there. God is a constant presence, guiding, advising, hinting, strengthening us for the journey into discipleship. But how do we hear that voice? How do we know what God wants to say to us? How do we discern God’s voice in the midst of all the other voices in our talkative world? 

What God Called Clean – May 15, 2022

Scripture:  Acts 11:1-18

Change is all around us, even in the church. And change is never easy. Our text this week is about a whole new direction for the beginnings of the church. It has to do with who was considered worthy to include and who should be avoided. Peter pushed the church to go further than they were comfortable going. Wait, no, it wasn’t Peter. The Holy Spirit pushed the church to go further than they were comfortable. And that has been the church’s story from then on.

Get Up! – May 8, 2022

Scripture: Acts 9: 36-43

Celebrate a life not by titles but by labors. To celebrate a teacher, for example, gather the students and show the impact. To celebrate a knitter, gather the prayer shawls contributed. To celebrate an engineer, show the buildings built or systems employed. We celebrate a life by talking about lives touched. Some may be less visible, more difficult to gather in one place; in which case, you tell the story or stories. Celebrate the ripples that radiate out from one life and intersect with many others.

Who Are You, Lord? – May 1, 2022

Scripture:  Acts 9:1-6

Saul needed to be introduced to the one who was calling. We might need to be reintroduced to the one who directs us. What does it mean to say we are followers of Christ?

We Are Witnesses – April 24, 2022

Scripture:  Acts 5:27-32

A life of faith is a life of fruitfulness. Even as we are in the business of changing the world, we are being transformed too. And wherever we are on the discipleship journey, we can make an impact; we can be witnesses for the kin-dom of God. Worship issues a challenge to live out our faith daily. It is where we make our promise to the God we praise that we will follow; we will represent the faith; we will be witnesses.