Cain is a Fool – September 5, 2021

Scripture: Genesis 4:1-16 ; 25-26

Synopsis: The first sin recorded in the Bible is Cain killing Abel, his younger brother, out of jealousy. In doing so, Cain is following in his father Adam’s footsteps in not obeying God’s direction. And, like the Adam story, this is also a story of Israel in miniature. Adam, Eve, and Cain were already in exile outside of the Garden, but Cain’s act leads him further away. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve have another son, Seth, and  people began to worship in  the Lord’s name. The line of Seth may not be perfect, as we will see again and again in Genesis. But at least they are calling on Yahweh’s name. Seth’s line will eventually bring us to Abraham, the father of Israel, the people of Yahweh.