Enough – June 12, 2022

Scripture: Colossians 3:12-17

Synopsis:  Families of all kinds are a gift of God.  But no family is perfect.  Every family has its challenges, as every member is unique and brings different gifts to the table. Throw in generational differences in the ways we understand the role of electronics in the mix, and you have “The Mitchells vs the Machines.”  This is a movie that explores family dynamics and communications across roles and generations through the interplay of devices and events that are familiar and unfamiliar to us.  The changing relationship between a father and his daughter is especially poignant and insightful.   The letter to the church in Colossae offers us sound wisdom as we navigate our relationships with those to whom we are closest in the various “family” configurations and with the affluence we enjoy.  How does this movie enrich our understanding of this scriptural text and help us to be more technologically mindful, communicative with each other and accepting of our differences?