Give Me Water – March 12, 2023

Scripture: John 4: 5-42

We’re thirsty this week. That’s the point. Thirsting for the living waters that Jesus spoke about to the woman at the well. And not simply a one time or easy but unsatisfying spiritual refreshment, but a recognition of the deepest thirsts that we have and how we seem to always be thirsty, no matter how often we the woman, once we have received this water of life, Like the woman at the well, we want others to have their thirsts quenched as well. The water of life fills us and sends us out into the world to be thirst quenchers. Let’s once again drink deeply of the water of life and pray for eyes opened to see the thirsty ones around us every day. So that we, like the woman at the well, can run and tell what we have found.